Yokoと学ぶアメ雑英会話! 課題 6月10日

→訳す時に注意して欲しいフレーズやイデオムには<    >を付けています。


Albert: I wish this June gloom would <get the heck outta here>.
I had enough of this.

William: What are you talking about?
This is ideal, a little chilly in the morning and awesome
in the afternoon.

Albert: I don’t know what kind of people you are talking about
because I love it when it is <blistering> all day long.
William: You have lost your mind?
Why do you think people pay outrageous prices for a home
around here?

Albert: You got me there.
Hey let’s <catch some rays> at the beach and .

★ 〆切は6月14日2016年(火曜日)★
                 Good luck!